Duong Nhat has been awarded turnkey package

Nhat Investment Construction and Environmental Technology Company has been awarded packages of Turnkey: Improving wastewater treatment system for Tan Lap centrifugal rubber latex processing factory – Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock Company, the capacity Q = 250 m3/day, achieved Vietnamese standards on rubber waste water QCVN 01:2008/ DONRE – column A with coefficients KQ = 0.9 and kf = 1. The norm of Phosphorus (P), Coliform must be achieved column A QCVN 40:2011 / DONRE with KQ = 0.9 and kf = 1. Investors are, Binh Long Rubber Company Limited. Construction time 212 days.


Cao Su Dong Phu


Tan Lap Processing factory: Specializes in the production of latex (cream) capacity: 6,000 tons / year. Advance technology of Wesftalia Corporations (Germany). Factory’s products include HA Latex, LA Latex.


The construction of wastewater treatment plant for centrifugal latex processing factory according to Vietnamese standard QCVN 01: 2008/DONRE and QCVN 40: A 2011/DONRE ensuring effluent waste water to meet newest requirements of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Vietnam.



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