Duong Nhat signed a series of contracts of wastewater treatment projects in August and September 2015

In August and September, 2015, by experience, prestige and quality, Duong Nhat are continuously chosen as contractor for projects:


Wastewater treatment plant for Cambodia Coca Cola Factory.


Following the success of two wastewater treament plant projects for Coca Cola in Hanoi and Coca Cola in Ho Chi Minh, the investor (Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd. – CBC), continues to choose Duong Nhat as EPC contractor for the project “Design, construction, supply and installation of equipment, operation and technical handing-over of wastewater treatment plant in Cambodia Coca Cola Factory”. Treated wastewater reach to QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT and Standard ES-RQ-225.


Wastewater treatment plant for South – East Asia Brewery (Carlsberg Group).


South – East Asia Brewery Factory that is the joint venture company of Carlsberg Group. This Factory is producing the Carlsberg, Halida and Thang Long Halida brands. Halida Brewery not only popular in domestic market but also loved and used by oversea consumers. Currently, Halida Brewery exported to many countries in the world such as: America, England, Japan, France, Canada, and Australia…


The wastewater treatment plant will receive the whole amount of wastewater from the production of plant and treated wastewater will reach QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT before discharge into the receiving water.


Previous, Duong Nhat successfully implemented two projects of Carlsberg Group is wastewater treatment plant of Huda Hue Brewery Factory and Hanoi – Vung tau Brewery Factory.


Expansion of the wastewater treatment plant for Viet Cuong Canned Food company Ltd., (Thai Union Group), phase 2.


Today, Viet Cuong is one of the leading enterprises in exporting seafood to EU. To expand production scale, Viet Cuong has invested to build one more factory in Ben Luc, Long An.


To meet increasing the discharge demand, the company has invested to expand the wastewater treatment plant with capacity 1.000m3/day, treated wastewater reach to QCVN 01:2008/BTNMT.


And base on the overvalued implementation of Duong Nhat in the wastewater treatment plant phase 1, that was done in 2010, Duong Nhat continues to be the EPC contractor for the wastewater treatment plant phase 2, treated wastewater reach to QCVN 01:2008/BTNMT.


Wastewater treatment plant for New Sokha Siem Reap Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Also in September 2015, DUONG NHAT signed the EPC contract: Design, construction, equipment supply and installation, commissioning, training and technology delivery for the wastewater treatment plant of Sokha Siem Reap Hotel in Cambodia.


This is the 3rd project which DUONG NHAT implemented for So Kha Hotel company Ltd.,


Viet Cuong



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