Duong Nhat successively won the bidding project

Environmental protection is the first priority concern that odor pollution is a complex type of air pollution and the odor treatment is an extremely difficult challenge for enterprises.


Duong Nhat is proud to be the leading general contractor in environmental treatment technology that always successfully implemented large-scale projects in water treatment, wastewater treatment, emission and odor treatment,… Recently, Duong Nhat successively won the bidding project “Odor and emission treatment system for emergency pond of Vina Kraft Paper Factory (SCG Corporation) – Becamex Binh Duong”.


With a modern treatment technology applied for countries that have developed paper industry, Duong Nhat applied this further technology for the odor treatment system for wastewater emergency pond of Vina Kraft Paper Factory.


Odor will be thoroughly collected by the smart dome system. This system always executes 02 functions that entirely seal to ensure the odor collection process is accomplished and fully open to ensure the sludge dredge process is highly effective.


Collected odor will be treated by 03 stages: chemical treatment, biological treatment and subsequently, it will be leaded into the absorption equipment to ensure the quality of treated emission meets Vietnam emission standards before discharging to the natural environment.


Technology advantages: Saving operation cost, safe for operation and easy for maintenance.


Due to a strong experience in environmental treatment technology with an addition of innovation and intelligence, Duong Nhat once again proves the pioneer position in environmental treatment field.


Furthermore, the constructive installation task of the dome system has been implemented by a team of professional engineers at the project site.








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