(November and December, 2018) Duong Nhat gives scholarships to students of 4 universities in HCMc: HCMc University of Technology, Van Lang University, HCMc University of Architecture and Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Resources and Environment (Semester 2)

Continuing the scholarship program in 2018, on November and December, 2018, Duong Nhat gave the annual scholarship to students of fours university in HCMc, including:

    • HCMc Univesity of Technology.
    • Van Lang University.
    • HCMc Univesity of Architecture.
    • HCMc University of Natural Resources and Environment.


This time, Duong Nhat gave total 12 scholarships to 12 students (VND 3 million/a scholarship) to students with the best academic performances in the second semester of 2018. At the same time, Duong Nhat also donated 20 scholarships (VND 2 million/scholarship/month, for 6 months) to poor students.


Through this event, Duong Nhat congratulates the students who have received scholarships and hopes them to maintain the studious spirit and good academic performance to continue receiving scholarships from Duong Nhat in next time.





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