Air blower is the popular equipment used in wastewater treatment field with function of injecting mixing air for the equalization tank, sufficiently supplying needed amount of Oxygen for aerobic bacteria in biological treatment. In opposite to advantages, using air blower will suffer the biggest disadvantage which releases noise during use and consumes high electric energy.


By constantly improving and testing many noise treatment solutions, Duong Nhat hass succeeded in application and practically applying the NOISE TREATMENT SOLUTION FOR AIR BLOWER by using SOUNDPROOF EQUIPMENT for wastewater treatment plants, complying with strict requirements of environment management of enterprises, big corporations.


SOUNDPROOF EQUIPMENT is designed neatly, installation parts are easy to assemble or take apart and transportation, including main components such as: soundproof wall, body of soundproof wall, Soundproof door which inputs or outputs the air and the cooling system for air blower when operating.


SOUNDPROOF EQUIPMENT has a suitable door arrangement, be easy for operation and maintenance.


With optimal designs, SOUNDPROOF EQUIPMENT is the effective method in handling internal noise for equipment emitting loud noise when working: air blower and air compressor.


In addition, air blowers are programmed to be controlled fully automatic via FREQUENCY CONVERTER installed inside the control panel. FREQUENCY CONVERTER is used in order to save energy consumption and ensure sufficient air supply in accordance with design requirement.


We successfully applied soundproof equipment combined with frequency converter in controlling operation of air blowers for the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Jean and Fashion development – Protrade international tech-park, Binh Duong province and WWTP of Heineken Brewery – CBL, Cambodia in phase 1 & 2,… Results of noise measurement after treatment meet QCVN 24:2016/ BYT – National Technical Regulation on Noise – Permissible Exposure Levels of Noise in the Workplace (<85dBA).


Congratulations on “Duong Nhat Team”.



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