The ceremony of works “construction, supply and installation equipment” at Trung Vuong emergency hospital

(Duong Nhat) – Morning November 06th, 2012 at Trung Vuong emergency hospital. Duong Nhat investment construction and environmental technology Co., ltd and Trung Vuong emergency hospital have organized the ceremony of works “construction, supply and installation equipment” belong to new construction collection system and wastewater treatment plant at Trung Vuong emergency hospital. Maximum capacity is 1.000m3/d.n. Effluent standards reached QCVN 28:2010/BTNMT value C, column A.


Benh Vien Trung Vuong


Contractor – Duong Nhat Investment Construction Co., Ltd. and Environmental Technology will perform and complete the design construction drawings; construction and installation equipment, operating instructions, transfer technology and hand-over to put into use within 212 days from the commencement date with turnkey form.


Benh Vien Trung Vuong


Trung Vuong Emergency Hospital is the center of emergency and operating in Ho Chi Minh city, multi-scale science class I, there are 600 beds and is located in residential, the construction for effluent wastewater treatment system must ensure safety and limited maximum pollution levels. Duong Nhat company has researched and applied technology AAO – AEROTANK, this is advanced technology, modern, advantages investment and low operating cost, easy maintenance, the City People’s Committee allow to carry out applying WWTP for hospitals in the city to ensure waste water after treatment reached QCVN 28: value 2010/BTNMT, value C, column A.



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