The Wastewater Treatment Plant for Nghia Trung rubber latex processing factory

Continuing success with over 25 projects of wastewater treatment for rubber industry which Duong Nhat has implemented domestically and internationally, Duong Nhat continuously executed and completely finished the Project “The Wastewater Treatment Plant for Nghia Trung rubber latex processing factory” of which Song Be Rubber One-Member Company Limited is the Investor.


August 20th, 2019, Duong Nhat proceeded to take sample for acceptance with the Investor and the precence of Binh Phuoc provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, treated wastewater highly meets National Technical Regulation on the effluent of natural rubber processing industry QCVN 01-MT:2015/BTNMT, class A (Kq=0.9, Kf=1).


Natural rubber wastewater is very difficult to be treated because of the high concentration of COD, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. However, with consolidating experience in environmental technology, Duong Nhat has successfully completed all of EPC/ Turnkey Projects including survey, design, construction, technical equipment supply and installation, commissioning and hand over the entire of the wastewater treatment plant in the rubber industry.


Congratulation to “Duong Nhat Team”.


CS Song Be Lay Mau 1


CS Song Be Lay Mau 2


CS Song Be Lay Mau 3


CS Song Be Lay Mau 4



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