Water supply and Wastewater treatment plant of DenEast Milk and Soft Drinks Facility in VSIP IIA IP, Binh Duong

Wastewater originated from Milk producing factories has many pollutants which are highly complex and the solution of treating this type of wastewater has become a big challenge for enterprises.


Recently, Duong Nhat successfully completeed the Project “Water supply and Wastewater treatment plant of DenEast Milk and Soft Drinks Facility” in VSIP IIA Industrial park, Binh Duong province with the Employer is DenEast Vietnam Company Limited.


For the water supply treatment plant, raw water firstly goes through primary treatment processes including preliminary filter, activated carbon filter and hardness removal before entering into the main treatment process which is a high level of purification RO (Reverse Osmosis), with the principle of reverse osmosis that only water molecule can pass through the membrane while the entire of salt ionic and harmful microorganism are retained. Treated water is finally sterilized by UV system before being leaded to production process.


For the wastewater treatment plant, the combination of biological processes including Anaerobic (UASB), Anoxic – Aerobic treatments will break the constituent circuit of complex and hardly decomposed organic pollutants in wastewater. Finally, wastewater is highly disinfected before being discharged to receiving resource of VSIP II-A industrial park. In addition, Odor from treatment tanks will be collected and entirely treated by biological and chemical methods before being blew to the natural atmosphere.


Duong Nhat always aims to the most advanced technologies with a neat design that effectively saves the construction area; the operation system is automatically controlled and always handles the fluctuation of capacity and contaminant concentration of wastewater, besides that, it is easy for maintenance and capacity up-grade of the system in the future. More specially, all solutions of Duong Nhat always are environmentally friendly that not only requires less chemical consumption and saves operation costs but also has the high treatment efficiency.


“Duong Nhat Team” never stops putting effort into creating this success. Thank you!





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