DUONG NHAT signed the Turnkey contract of Package “Thuan Phu Rubber Processing factory” at Thuan Phu Commune, Dong Phu District, Binh Phuoc

Date 15th November, 2018 Duong Nhat and Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock Company (DORUCO – VRG) incoordination to sign Turnkey Package “Wastewater treatment plant for Thuan Phu Rubber Processing factory, capacity 900 m3/day”. The quality of effluent meets to QCVN 01-MT:2015/BTNMT. The project peforms at Dong Phu District, Binh Phuoc.

Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock Company (DORUCO – VRG) is one of four strong menbers of Viet Nam Rubber Group, operating in Binh Phuoc. Doruco is managing eight Rubber farms and Rubber processing factory. Thuan Phu is one of the main Rubber processing factories of Doruco, capacity 16.000 tons/year with many products such as SVR L, SVR 3L, SVR 10, SVR 20, SVRCV 50, SVRCV 60.

This is the 3rd projects, Duong Nhat has done for Doruco. With the success, Duong Nhat hopes to continue to co-operated with Doruco in the future.





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